Featured Courses

2021 Healthy Hair Summit
$40.00 3 Sections 10 Lessons

Get your hair in control of your hair.  We go deep into topics that are not covered anywhere else and answer all the questions you had but were too afraid to ask. Expert-led, quality content All the talks are led by experts in their fields. We include subtitles to help you understand what is said even if your English isn't perfect.

2020 Healthy Hair Summit Fall
$50.00 3 Sections 13 Lessons

Watch all the talks from our 2020 Healthy Hair Summit fall. You'll gain insight from our haircare experts to learn how to care for your hair from the inside and out.

We also speak to industry leaders to discuss our culture and wellness. 

2020 Healthy Hair Summit Spring
$10.00 1 Sections 7 Lessons

Healthy hair doesn't just happen. It comes with understanding your hair, eating the right food, and knowing how to choose your products. There is a lot of misinformation in haircare, we take on those myths to give you the real truth about healthy hair.

With this Healthy Hair Summit, you get the tools that will ensure your success to help you towards your hair goals. Bring your pen and paper, there will be a lot of information that you'll be able to start using right away.