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What our Members Say

"Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing Healthy Hair Summit! You did an amazing job putting it together and gathering so many different experts to speak on a diversity of topics. I learned so much and have new ideas to try and things to research into more. I even got all of my questions answered by the speakers, and I'm so grateful for that opportunity! I'm looking forward to the two reschedules, too. Thankfully, healthy scalp was discussed by several other presenters as well, but I'm interested to hear more. Thanks again and I hope you can rest well now! I did a body scan as I was falling asleep last night and slept better than I have in a long!"

"My favorite part of the healthy hair summit was learning the difference between hair porosity and types; very enlightening and informative."

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Highlights From Our Library


In her talk, curly hair specialist, Keya Artisticall Neal, goes into detail about the different hair textures. She explains your porosity, how you can determine for yourself and more. 

We speak to plant-based physician, Dr. Marissa Rocourt, who specializes in chronic illness, on how our diet ultimately affects the health of our hair. Do vitamins actually work and more.


Nubia Suarez, founder of Rezo Curls, shares with us her over 30 years of experience about hair thinning and hair loss. 


  • What is hair texture and porosity and how to determine yours.
  • How to distinguish between products and choosing the best ones for your hair.
  • Building your hair care regimen from scratch.
  • How our health and diet will affect hair health & growth.
  • Hair loss causes and how you can fix them.
  • How to become self-aware for self-care.
  • Our hair culture and history - understanding how natural hair has changed society and how we continue to change it. 
  • And so much more!

Meet our experts

 Keya Artistically Neal

A stylist with over 25 years of experience, Keya Neal is leading a national revolution that is breaking textural boundaries that has long separated those in the hair industry. Keya created Kolour Kulture, an educational resource for stylists who are particularly interested in the science of hair color and how it interacts with various hair textures. 

 Nubia Suarez

Nubia has over 30 years of experience in the hair and beauty industries’, both as an educator and master stylist. Nubia trained with top educators in business such as DEVACurl, Ouidad, Aveda, Goldwell and Paul Sebastian. Nubia created the RëzoCut because she is a passionate curlista, who is ready to show the world what's really behind every curly cut. 

 Yessenia Reyes

Yessenia has approached hair styling as a way to help women appreciate and maintain healthy hair.  Yessenia’s enthusiasm for hair began 20 years ago. She  learned about precision hair cutting at Two Do Salon. She later trained at Hair Rules Salon in New York for five years before heading to Foster Glorioso, where she is now an independent Texture-ologist.

 Amy Bush

Amy Bush has over 30 years hair care experience in the hair industry. She’s trained both nationally and internationally as well as collaborated with talented stylists to teach and develop others. In 2010, she opened the doors to Ambushed Salon, a curly hair only salon. 

 Shelli Gillis

Shelli started her blog,, because she loves reading, writing and talking about natural and curly hair. She shares what she's learned over the years and the things she continues to learn every day. Shelli has been able to grow her natural hair to waist length and transitioned from henna-dyed hair to her natural, grey color.

 Dr. Marissa Rocourt

Dr. Marissa Rocourt is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor with over twenty years experience.  Her private practice emphasizes health, wellness, and nutrition.  She develops treatment plans to help patients manage chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and high cholesterol.  

 Joe Miguel Ortiz

Joe Miguel Ortiz is a Dominican hairstylist  with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He has obtained certifications from Deva Curl as a Curly Hair Specialist, and has also attended the Vidal Sassoon academy for intense color and cutting technique class in Chicago, for which he obtained a master colorist certification.

 Bonus Video

We speak to a natural hair expert all about curly hair.

 Bonus Video

We speak to a natural hair expert all about curly hair.


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