2021 Healthy Hair Summit

$40.00 3 Sections 10 Lessons

Course Description

Get your hair in control of your hair.  We go deep into topics that are not covered anywhere else and answer all the questions you had but were too afraid to ask. Expert-led, quality content All the talks are led by experts in their fields. We include subtitles to help you understand what is said even if your English isn't perfect.

Course Content

Black Hair & Culture

Get inspired as we speak with a Vice President at Essence Magazine about her take on natural hair as a movement and in the workplace. We hear about Aevin, the Guinness World Record Holder of the Largest Afro, about her natural hair story
2021 HHS Natural Hair as a Movement
2021 HHS From Relaxed to World's Largest Afro

Our Hair and Our Health

Our hair and health are connected. You cannot grow healthy hair if your body isn't thriving. We discuss how you can speak with your primary care physician and listen to what your body is telling you.
2021 HHS Intro to Kundalini
2021 HHS You are Your Best Health Advocate
2021 HHS Mineral Deficiencies and Your Scalp

Taking Care of Our Hair

Maintaining natural hair can be frustrating. We demystify the styling process with expert insights and tips.
2021 HHS Finding a Primary Natural Hair Care Specialist
2021 HHS Steps to a Successful Natural Hair Journey
2021 HHS Are Protective Hairstyles Healthy?
2021 HHS Detoxing and Your Curls
2021 HHS What to Expect in a Curly Cut