2020 Healthy Hair Summit Fall

$50.00 3 Sections 13 Lessons

Course Description

Watch all the talks from our 2020 Healthy Hair Summit fall. You'll gain insight from our haircare experts to learn how to care for your hair from the inside and out.

We also speak to industry leaders to discuss our culture and wellness. 

Course Content

Black Hair and Culture

Watch industry leaders discuss how our hair has helped shape modern culture from a historical perspective and how we continue to make changes from the office to the CROWN act
2020 HHS Why We Need the CROWN Act
2020 HHS The Natural Hair Movement
2020 HHS My Afro
2020 HHS Beauty Shop Politics

Our Hair and Health

You can't have a healthy body without healthy hair. Our experts walk you through finding wellbeing to reduce stress and how medications & diet affect our hair.
2020 HHS Stress and Hair Loss
2020 HHS How Health Issues Can Affect Our Hair
2020 HHS Leveraging Self-Awareness for Self-Care

Taking Care of Our Hair

Maintaining the hair we grow is an important part of growing healthy hair. We share lessons from natural hair industry leaders so you can start taking better care of your hair starting now.
2020 HHS How to Get & Keep Moisture in Your Hair
2020 HHS Why Your Hair is Dry Pt 2
2020 HHS Scalp & Hair Maintenance
2020 HHS Building Your Haircare Routine
2020 HHS Choosing the right products for your hair type
2020 HHS Fighting Dry Hair Pt 1